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Technology Portfolio

BreakAway Ltd, leverages technologies originally created for its diverse customers’ needs to provide advanced modeling, simulation, and 3D visualization tools across multiple markets.

The Company continues to devote considerable resources toward the development of cutting edge technologies. Currently, Company assets include proprietary 2D and 3D Visualization engines, battlefield generation tools, physics engine, graphics engine and an interactive gaming system to name a few. BreakAway’s core competencies in instructional design, modeling complex systems, and simulation programming for a PC environment, including multiplayer network and online, allow it a distinct advantage in its approach to creating complex training tools. Following is a brief list and description of the Company’s proprietary technology assets and their key features.

Battlefield Environment Generator

- Imports GIS DEM data to generate accurate 3-D terrain
- Imports GIS data to generate accurate 3-D representation of roads & rivers
- Allows the addition of:
  - ground objects to environment (trees, rocks, etc. )
  - buildings and vehicles to environment
- Allows user to “paint” terrain to represent various terrain types
- Easy generation and modification of specifications for weapons, shells, planes, ships, ground vehicles, and buildings

Graphics Engine

- High-speed 3-D display of terrain environment
- High-speed 3-D display of vehicles, weapons, and munitions
- Flexible special effects engine for display of smoke, fire, explosions, etc.
- 2-D map system, with zoom and scroll
- 3-D environment includes accurate representation of fog, haze, weather, shadows, sun, moon, stars, sunrise and sunset
- Can smoothly move through entire 24-hour cycle
- 3-D Camera system allows 3rd person or 1st person view of environment

Physics Engine

- Accurate modeling of Newtonian physics (linear and angular acceleration, velocity, and momentum) of vehicles and munitions.
- Accurate flight physics for planes, helicopters, and spacecraft.
- Accurately modeled ground vehicle suspension systems
- High-resolution collision detection between physical objects
- Damage accumulation to objects hit by munitions
- Accurate, high-speed terrain LOS determination Simulation of radar

Artificial Intelligence Engine

- Script-based interpretation of unit commands.
- Behavior-based AI state machine for each Independent AI agent
- Time-distributed queuing of complex AI calculations to minimize CPU overhead
- Ground object and terrain avoidance AI
- Flexible and realistic unit formation holding AI
- Target identification and weapon firing AI
- Representation of C4ISR

Simulation Engines

- Physical Environment Simulations
- Vehicle modeling (ground, air, naval, and space)
- Extremely realistic flight and driving models
- Queuing and pathing engines
- Network modeling integrated with full simulations
- Sensor Modeling (line of sight, multi-spectral, all sensor types)
- Political Will/Psychological Operations models
- Experience modeling Operations Other Than War
- Modeling of industrial operations, logistics, distribution, deployment, and transportation


BreakAway’s latest visualization tool generates accurate, synthetic urban environments within 24 hours using satellite data. The resulting terrain can then be used to create tactical simulations for en route training that can be played on a consumer off the shelf (COTS) XBOX™ console.

This technology allows for cost effective tactical planning and terrain familiarization, of any location, when relevant satellite data is available.


Crate is a robust, extensible, high speed 3D Image Generation library capable of using DEM and multi beam sonar data to generate geospatially accurate, highly detailed visual simulations of 3D aquatic environments in as little as 2 hours.

Also capable of simulating humans and sea life, this library features pixel shading, physically accurate light frequency attenuation, a full featured animation system, accurate rigid body physics models, and script based addition of animate and inanimate actors.

Integrating Distributed Interactive Systems and Multiplayer Technologies
Another key to the success of BreakAway is its expertise in the creation of robust, highly efficient Internet, Local Area Network, and Wide Area Network multiplayer technologies.

BreakAway’s founder and CEO, Doug Whatley helped to develop America Online’s original client software. This experience and that of other team members enables the Company to create rich interactive multiplayer experiences like Prime Time Player, where over 750,000 users played the game at ABC Online, simultaneously during the 1999 Super Bowl.

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