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mōsbē™ Overview

mōsbē is a "lite" simulation toolkit that enables customers to develop and reuse modeling & simulation assets (e.g. virtual theaters, vehicles, weapons systems, terrain, etc.) and deliver time-sensitive mission training, analysis, planning, experimentation, and new concept development anytime, anywhere.

mōsbē effectively fills the gap between theoretical / paper based exercises and traditional DOD supercomputer driven models.

mōsbē is user-configurable, mobile, scalable, easy to use and operable using out of the box PC hardware.

mōsbē Features

- mōsbē is an innovative simulation experience that allows users to fully explore the tremendous impact that ISR and reconnaissance assets, technologies, and principles have in creating superior awareness of the modern battlefield.

- mōsbē features advanced synthetic replication of sensor output. Accurate, real-time recreations of infra-red, electro-optical, synthetic aperture radar, multi-spectral and moving target indication sensor outputs allow for realistic sensor fusion to differentiate real from decoy, active threat from abandoned vehicle - including thermal crossover and radar blooms.

- mōsbē includes over 200 unique vehicles, 100 weapon systems, and 100 sensor systems, including UAV, ISR, infantry, and air and ground vehicles.

- An advanced unit-based AI system, combined with a highly accurate sensor resolutions system based on realistic weapons and sensor data, provides the most realistic view of modern combat in a stand-alone computer.

- A flexible and powerful unit command system creates a realistic command and control environment from the company commander to theater level command. Advanced morale, chain of command, and event-based AI logic allows for the faithful recreation of the fog of war.

- mōsbē includes two seamless, 90,000 square kilometer, fully populated theaters, covering Iraq, the Korean peninsula and Syria. Each theater is constructed using Level 2 DTED 3 arc-second SRTM data and over 200 unique world tiles.

- Realistic 3D graphics create lush, organic and fully populated worlds with large cities, vast deserts, shear mountains, and rolling plains.

- A world construction toolset allows users to create their own theaters from any "real world" location. Flexible controls enable the recreation of any area from 10 square kilometers to 90,000 square kilometers, with location data accurate to within one meter.

- Twenty-eight single-user scenarios are designed to cover the gamut of military operations, from the company command level through the theater commander, from special operations to air operations and full-scale ground combat.

- Full-featured scenario editor toolset allows for modification and construction of new missions with a low learning curve. Users can create any mission and immediately load it for fast, accurate run-throughs.

- Multi-user scenarios support up to 16 users over a LAN, allowing for realistic chain of command. Users can participate cooperatively or head-to-head.

- Powerful, open, data-driven detection and combat system architecture allows the introduction of classified or theoretical data without any required code changes.

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