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Military Simulation Development and Training Experience

BreakAway is an industry leader in the development of DoD wargaming and training support applications that utilize both constructive (2D) and virtual (3D) visualization engines. Beginning in 1998, BreakAway was instrumental in development of the computerized version of ‘Entropy Based Warfare’ for the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

To provide the best possible value to the DoD BreakAway has created operational level, PC-based war game support tools for use by:
- US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command
- The Army Transformation Wargame Series
- Office of the Secretary of Defense, Net Assessment
- Army War College
- Navy War College
- National Defense University
- NATO War College
- Joint Forces Command

Core Competency Areas Mapped To Military Applications

In 2003, as in the previous four years, the Army had chosen BreakAway’s product as its key simulation tool for the "Army After Next" wargame, called Unified Quest ’03 and held annually at the Army War College. This product, the Integrated Gaming System, is described later in this submission.

Based on a similar game engine, but introducing a real-time rules set and architectural framework, BreakAway created a multi-player game based on the curriculum of the National Defense University. This game (Peloponnesian War) is used in the classroom to teach strategic thinking. It is required for all students at the university. The NATO Defense University also used the product in 2000 and will now be using it as part of its curriculum.

Entropy Based Warfare™

The partnership of BreakAway, Ltd. and Booz-Allen & Hamilton has developed the Entropy- Based Warfare Model™. This model conducts integrated campaign analysis and war game assessments covering all facets of warfare and employing new measures of effectiveness.

Booz-Allen & Hamilton derived the value of this new tool from extensive research into historical applicability of attrition as a driver of combat outcomes. This research, conducted for OSD Net Assessment, determined that traditional attrition algorithms (Bonder-Ferrell, Lanchester, etc…) demonstrably miss important ‘soft’ factors, which dominate combat outcomes. These soft factors include logistics, maneuver, command & control, and information flow.

These algorithms and concepts were proven on a board game prototype prior to coding for the PC. The majority of this proof work was sponsored by the US Army Training & Doctrine Command during the first two Army After Next Wargames in 1999. Once proven, BreakAway, Ltd. division created a joint, integrated model built to assess future forces & doctrine.

Unlike other DoD specific models or simulations, such as JWARS, EBW operates on standard PC technology – no need for expensive enterprise servers or Unix machines. A basic Pentium III with a 400 Mhz processor and 256 Mb of RAM is all that’s required to operate the basic model in a smaller scale contingency scenario. Larger scenarios will run at speeds of up to 55-1 with more RAM on slightly faster machines. The simulation is written in industrystandard, object oriented C++ code for easy modification and in support of customer requests. This also provides a significant amount of reusability.

This model was specifically designed to support Title X war games. It was originally developed to support analysis at OSD Net Assessment during the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) studies, and continues to be used for that purpose by the Office of the Secretary of Defense on a semi-annual basis.

Integrated Gaming System™ (including the Campaign Planning & Rehearsal System)

The IGS™ is a modularized war game support system that includes sufficient power to support up to 24 planning and operations cells with up to 6 player workstations in each cell. Designed specifically to support the Army Transformation Wargames of the new millennium, the IGS is composed of three basic modules:

- Campaign Planning & Rehearsal System
- Scenario Builder
- Warfare Adjudicator (a derivative of EBW)

This System is operated over an IP-based LAN, MAN, or WAN, and provides input – output capability to multiple player stations at a war game. It is particularly well-suited for turnbased operational and strategic wargames, as well as proven commercial technology for multi-player environments.

Peloponnesian War

This product supports strategic level education at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. It provides a platform to teach strategic and operational level concepts & doctrine without distraction of current weapons, technology, or politics.

In this historically accurate model, senior military and civilian leaders from the DoD learn the application of politico-military concepts within a team play framework. This model is, like all BreakAway products, PC based and written in Visual C++ code for maximum code re-utilization.

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