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Commercial Game Development Experience

BreakAway is an industry leader in the development of 3D visualization technologies and complex real-time strategy games, city builders and country builders where entire economies and logistical supply chains are accurately recreated. The Company was founded in 1998 and is run by longtime, successful veterans of the interactive entertainment industry.

In combination, the employees of BreakAway have brought over 220 titles to market in a variety of genres, platforms, and formats including PC and traditional board games. In the recent past, BreakAway was the developer of the award-winning games, Waterloo: Napoleonís Last Battle, Austerlitz: Napoleonís Greatest Battle, Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom, and Pharaoh expansion pack Cleopatra.

Waterloo: Napoleonís Last Battle was awarded the PC Gamer Editorís Choice and ĎWargame of the Yearí by Wargamer. In Spring 2002 the Company released Tropico: Paradise Island for Take 2 Interactive and early September 2002 BreakAway released Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom for Sierra Online/Vivendi Universal. The title was in Amazonís Top Ten in the first weeks of its release.

BreakAway, Ltd. was founded and is led by industry veteran and CEO, Doug Whatley. BreakAway has brought together core development teams from OT Sports, MicroProse Software, Avalon-Hill, TalonSoft and the Janeís Defense Simulation Team formerly of Electronic Arts. ABCís Monday Night Football Ď98, and The Greatest Battle Series are among the critically acclaimed titles produced by BreakAway employees. BreakAway team members also created 1942: Pacific Air War, which was chosen as one of the 50 best games of all time by PC Gamer.

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