BreakAway Announces New Federal Systems Affiliate; Launches mōsbē, Lite Simulation Toolkit For Military-Style Planning and Analysis

Baltimore, MD (11/29/05) --- BreakAway Ltd., the country's foremost developer of serious games and simulation training tools, announced today that it has formed a new affiliate, BreakAway Federal Systems, Inc.

"Given our extensive work with the military, the federal government, and a wide range of defense and federal contractors, it simply made sense to formally establish a Federal Systems affiliate to further expand our serious games offerings focusing primarily on military-style planning and analysis technologies," explains BreakAway founder and CEO Doug Whatley.

BreakAway Federal Systems' first order of business is to introduce its latest product - mōsbē - during I/ITSEC, the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference, being held November 28 - December 1 in Orlando, Florida.

mōsbē is a "lite" simulation tool kit (LSTK) that is highly customizable and easy to use for non-programmers. Its low-cost simulation and development environment enables users to create compelling visualization and training solutions for Windows platforms in both single and multi-player modes. mōsbē is also highly effective at analytical war games, decision support, and mission planning.

mōsbē's core simulation engine, authoring tools, and sample content enable users to experience dynamic, interactive, 3D simulations that, in turn, allow them to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of both operational concepts and specific tactical plans. mōsbē can also be used to educate or train new concepts in or out of a classroom setting.

"mōsbē is designed to bring efficient, military-style planning and analysis technologies to everyone from warfighters to senior decision-makers," notes Whatley. "In mōsbē's virtual world, all elements of the simulation are integrated with weather effects and time-of-day to create training, planning, and analysis solutions involving land, sea, and air vehicles." mōsbē can also recreate advanced morale logic, and chain of command logic for enhanced realistic effects.

With mōsbē as its core, Breakaway Federal Systems' long-term goal is to develop an industry standard simulation software solution. The final result will be an open-architecture simulation development platform capable of interacting with existing simulation systems. This novel approach to simulations will create revenue opportunities for third party developers to customize, invent or repurpose portions of the technology.

The mōsbē feature set includes:
- More than 200 unique vehicles, 100 weapons systems, and 100 sensor systems;
- Extensible open-architecture, which allows classified or theoretical databases to be exchanged without code changes, as well as integration of additional 3-D models;
- Robust scenario editor tool, which enables easy modification and construction of new missions;
- Multiple tools for the creation of scenery, weather effects, and mission scripting;
- World construction editor, allowing users to create their own "theaters" from any real-world location - includes roads, rivers, power lines etc.;
- Creation of areas as small as 10 square kilometers or as large as 90,000 square kilometers, all accurate to within one meter;
- Sample single player and multi-player scenarios designed to cover a range of military operations;
- Multi-player capability supporting up to 16 users over LAN or Internet (cooperative play or head- to-head);
- Third party development or modifications supported.

BreakAway has developed an international reputation for its ground-breaking work in consumer entertainment and serious game applications for clients such as Microsoft, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi, the Department of Justice, and the U.S. Army. BreakAway has distinguished itself as the developer of the core tool used in the U.S. Army's premier war game, Unified Quest, and Civilization III: Conquests, the expansion pack to the award-winning Sid Meier's Civilization III series.

In addition to the launch of mōsbē, BreakAway Federal Systems will feature several other simulations during I/ITSEC, including: Incident Commander, a PC-based training simulation designed to help public safety personnel respond to a wide range of emergency situations; and 24Blue, a flight deck operations training simulation developed for the U.S. Naval Education Training Command.

About BreakAway, Ltd.
BreakAway is a leading software developer of both entertainment games and advanced game-based applications for the U.S. military, international non-governmental agencies, and medical institutions. With a client list that includes Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Microsoft, and the Department of Defense, BreakAway has emerged as the serious games company. With the formation of BreakAway Federal Systems, the company anticipates expanding its serious games offerings.

BreakAway currently has more than 100 employees who work out of the company's headquarters in Hunt Valley, Maryland and its Austin, Texas-based studio. The company recently was named, for a second consecutive year, to Deloitte's prestigious Technology Fast 50 Program after experiencing 506% growth over the past five years.

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